Designed to produce low dissolved solids water from tap or well water, these RO systems use high efficiency reverse osmosis membranes. The product water is used in applications such as water stores, whole house, ice makers, humidification, misting and a wide variety of other applications. Part of the L-series family (other systems include L and XL series), these systems treat higher TDS water and thin film membranes and FRP membrane housings. All high pressure lines and components are made of corrosion resistant materials. The operating pressure is between 200 and 250 psi. Careful design steps are taken to minimize the highly corrosive nature of these brackish waters. These reverse osmosis systems use the proven, reliable components and are mounted on a sturdy powder-coated metal frame. There are numerous design details learned from years of experience that are incorporated in our water filtration systems. Our process and fluid design ensures an optimum membrane life and minimizes the membrane fouling.

  • Status indicators
  • Motor starter
  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Low pressure switch
  • High pressure switch
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges
  • Permeate conductivity monitor
  • Permeate & concentrate flow meters
  • Powder coated carbon steel frame
  • 8” TFC spiral wound membranes
  • Stainless steel multi-stage pump with TEFC motor
  • FRP membrane housing
  • 5 micron cartridge prefilter
  • 460V/3Ph/60Hz power supply
  • PLC based control panel
  • Programmable time delay and set points
  • Feed water pressure: 20 to 80 psi
  • Operating pressure: 150 to 250 psi
  • Hydrogen Sulfide must be removed
  • Turbidity should be removed
  • Max. iron content: 0.05 ppm
  • Feed water TDS: 0 to (1,000 or 3,000 or 5,000 ppm)
  • Equipment upgrade for TDS over 5,000 ppm
  • Hardness over 1 GPG requires antiscalant dosing
  • pH tolerance range: 3-11 Max.
  • Silica Tolerance: 60 ppm @ 60% recovery
  • Operate at higher TDS by lowering recovery